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Let the GABF Begin!

Let the GABF Begin!

Denver, Colorado is abuzz this week.  No, we're not talking about CarGo and Tulo (Rockies baseball reference for all you out-of-towners), we're talking beer! Specifically, craft beer at the 29th Annual Great American Beer Festival (GABF). The event runs Thursday through Saturday, but the town has been anticipating the GABF since last week with Denver Beer Fest, which celebrates the town's beer culture.

The festival boasts more American beers in one place than anywhere in history with over 2,200 in the festival hall. In addition to 1 ounce pours of delicious ales and lagers from some of the best small and independent brewers in the country, festival attendees will have numerous other activities to enjoy while at GABF.

Sure the Rockies are hot, but for the many in Denver this week, craft beer is even hotter.


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