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Brewers Association Selects Sustainability Manual Project Vendor

Brewers Association Selects Sustainability Manual Project Vendor

The Brewers Association is proud to announce that it has selected Antea Group’s Global Corporate Consultancy (GCC) to steer its first ever association-level sustainability initiative. The GCC project team brings nearly a cumulative century of experience in the brewing and beverage industries creating and implementing sustainability solutions. GCC has a clear vision of communicating sustainability concepts that will benefit BA members of all sizes and types, from small brewpubs to large packaging brewers, and everyone in between. GCC Project Director John Stier commented, “We are thrilled with this opportunity to work with U.S. craft brewers, and can’t wait to get started!”

GCC will work with BA staff to create manuals and web-based resource pages focused on three areas identified as priorities by BA member breweries:

•    Water/wastewater

•    Energy/GHG

•    Solid waste

Stier joined New Belgium Brewing Company Director of Sustainability Jenn Vervier at the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference. John and Jenn led a discussion with BA members to identify areas of expertise that already exist within craft, as well as identify specific knowledge gaps which need to be addressed. BA member input from this session will be used to direct the development of manual content. Whether your brewery is considering ways to become more energy and cost efficient, or has already undertaken one or more projects, your input will be extremely valuable. 


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