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Michigan Small Brewer Addresses House Small Brewers Caucus

Michigan Small Brewer Addresses House Small Brewers Caucus

Michigan’s Rene Greff of Arbor Brewing Co. (Ann Arbor) and The Corner Brewery (Ypsilanti) was the invited speaker at the April 21st meeting of the House Small Brewers Caucus in Washington, DC.  Rene spoke about the many and ongoing challenges faced by small brewers in opening and operating their businesses and how the excise tax reduction contained in HR 4278 would be a boost to small brewery businesses across the nation.

Using her own and husband Matt’s experiences as a “case study,” Rene told the story of their two companies from conception to opening and operation, giving the 5 U.S. Representatives and numerous staff in attendance an appreciation of the hard work and passion that goes into such an endeavor.  Rene then went on to detail precisely how the tax savings would be put to use, should the bill pass, in providing enhanced benefits to employees and in making valuable energy efficiency improvements to the breweries. 

The Caucus members came away with both a better understanding of the important role small brewers play as business owners, employers and as vital parts of their local communities and with a better appreciation of the valuable return on investment these Main Street businesses would provide if given the benefit of a reduced tax burden.

For more information on HR 4278, visit the Resource Page.


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