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You are in Good Company with the Brewers Association

You are in Good Company with the Brewers Association

What inspires you to be a craft brewer? The craft brewing community is so tightly knit that, chances are, many have similar responses—they are passionate about creating and distributing flavorful beers that contribute to our vibrant craft beer culture. That's not to say we're all the same, but while some brewers diligently recreate traditional styles and others blaze a new trail of innovation, the vast majority share a common bond: membership in the Brewers Association (BA).

Networking Opportunities

In more ways than one, the leaders of our industry-not only brewers, but their supplier and distributer partners as well-see eye to eye on the value of BA membership. Our events bring together industry members from across the country, and the value is apparent: "The BA, with annual events like the Great American Beer Festival® and Craft Brewers Conference, provides us with unparalleled access to networks of people and information," explains Tomme Arthur, director of brewery operations at  Port Brewing Co./ The Lost Abbey in California.

Beyond Events

The BA community also extends well beyond events. After the kegs have been drained and energized beer professionals check out of their hotel rooms, the BA carries on with resources like The New Brewer and, informing, connecting and cultivating the craft brewing community. "The BA is the common thread that weaves the U.S. craft brewing community together. The BA Forum, a daily email digest, is a simple and effective way to communicate with more than 4,500 BA members," notes John Bryant, COD of Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado.

Running a successful craft brewery is not easy, but the connectivity and support that BA membership provides helps make this labor of love a bit easier and a lot more enjoyable. Just ask Erin Glass, our membership coordinator, who has worked at Magic Hat Brewing Company, Breckenridge Brewery and New Belgium Brewing Company. Her hands-on experience, along with that of many other BA staffers, is only a phone call away, whether your brewery is just getting started or looking to expand to bigger and better things. Join the BA today, and tap into the knowledge and experience our network of craft brewers, wholesalers and allied trade professionals has to offer.




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