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Rich Doyle speaks out against HR 5034

Rich Doyle speaks out against HR 5034

Tuesday, September 29th members on both sides of the controversial wholesaler-backed bill HR 5034 came together to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Speaking on behalf of the Brewers Association and its members was Rich Doyle, Chairman and CEO of Harpoon Brewery, a craft brewer with production breweries in both Boston, MA and Windsor, VT.

In a statement, Doyle addressed the committee with real life experiences as a businessman that sells a product in 25 states. He explained that he has built relationships and even some friendships with the wholesalers that he works with, many of which only do business in one state, but in spite of the bonds made, Doyle said that state regulations are already favorable to the in state wholesaler. “We are always the ‘away team’ playing in a state system that favors the ‘home team’ wholesalers.

Speaking on behalf of small brewers, Doyle said that the successful middle tier is “vital” to small brewers and that small brewers understand the concern of the wholesalers, but the unintended consequences that HR 5034 would affect suppliers negatively. Mr. Doyle did not see the sense in solving wholesaler problems by creating more struggles for small brewers.

Read Harpoon Brewery’s, Rich Doyle's entire statement, as well as others during the Tuesday meeting by visiting the Judiciary Committee page on the hearing.

Read the Brewers Association policy statement on HR 5034.


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