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Late CBC Proposals

CBC proposal due date is/was October 8. What should you do if you have a good idea after October 8?

Here is the way the process works starting October 9. Andy Sparhawk sorts on-time proposals by track/target audience and compiles a massive document for the CBC seminar subcommittee. Andy sends the document out to committee members for review prior to a set of telephone conferences with subcommittee members on the various tracks. All proposals, suggestions, ideas sent in by October 8 are included in this document and get a full airing in committee. Decisions on accepted, rejected or redirected proposals can happen at any time between October 9 and ealy December.

It is not uncommon for the committee to have two-thirds of the seminars figured out within two weeks after the deadline, and then the rest of the program gets built from their seminar by seminar.

When a proposal comes in after deadline, it will be sent to the subcommittee. It may not get a full airing for the merits if the committee has already accepted a talk that fits that topic or if the particular track is full on seminars. Then again, it may be just the idea that the committee is looking for to fill out the track. I also like having a few standby presentations on the bench in case of a late cancellation. So, please send in any late proposals—it may be the perfect talk to provide the best of all possible conferences for your peers. Use the 2010 CBC Proposal Submission Form.

Next, why does the process start so early? It is a matter of marketing material due dates. First comes the four-page brochure tipped into your Jan./Feb. New Brewer. Next is the 12-page brochure that we lock down in December, so that we can mail it out early in the new year, so attendees can make their plans.


Paul Gatza


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