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CBC Seminar Proposals Under Review

The Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) Seminar Subcommittee is hard at work reviewing the 104+ proposals submitted by craft brewing community participants and others who have some expertise to add. Additionally the committee is creating some talks on key topics that weren't submitted. The committee deliberations are mostly in the review phase. We hope to have answers for those of you waiting for a reply in the second week of December for proposals not related to technical brewing, brewery operations or quality. The committee still has some discussion to come on 4 of the 14 seminar slots in these technical areas, and it could still take a few weeks here.

A speaker proposer will hear from Andy Sparhawk with the committee decision. Usually the replies include "sorry, thank you but the committee was unable to find room in the program," "the committee has decided to merge with another proposal, change format for the topic that that suggested or would like you to focus on ideas not detailed in the proposal" or "yes, the proposal is accepted."  At times it is helpful to have a talk in each track that can fit as a late substitute if circumstances warrant. Committee-generated talks or format changes will often involve a committee person calling someone directly to invite or clarify expectations.

The proposal lineup has many strong offers, and we look forward to working with many of you on creating the best and most thought-provoking educational program we can. Thanks.

--Paul Gatza





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