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Ales 4 Females a Hot Ticket

It’s a good problem to have: the Ales 4 Females program at Left Hand Brewing Co. is so overwhelmed with would-be attendees that it is considering adding a second “overflow” night to its monthly meeting.

Right now there is space for 75 women in the malt room at the Longmont, Colo. brewery, and the past two months, there has been a waiting list of about 30 women.

Ales 4 Females co-founders Sue Smith-Troy and Cinzia Wallace are considering splitting the monthly meeting into two groups of 50 in order to expose more women to craft beer.

Ales 4 Females, which started in January 2008 with 17 women, has been so successful that it is expanding to chapters in other breweries nationwide that have affiliation with the Pink Boots Society. The monthly meetings include food and beer pairings and an educational component. Meetings cost $6 each or $60 for a yearly membership.

Monday’s meeting included a tasting of Depth Charge espresso milk stout, a collaboration between Left Hand and Georgia’s Terrapin Brewing Co. Attendees received one full glass of Depth Charge (paired with Boston cream pie and Brie cheese) and a Depth Charge vanilla ice cream float—a real treat considering the waning availability of the limited-release collaborative beer.

“We are down to our last three barrels,” said Wallace, the tasting room manager for Left Hand whose husband, Eric, is one of the founders of the brewery.

Mike Strumpf of Allegro Coffee Co. provided the educational component of the meeting, serving three samples of a Guatemalan coffee brewed three different ways. He gave a basic overview of coffee roasting and offered tips on brewing a great cup of coffee.

By the way, men are allowed at the meeting only if they are presenting or are members of the media.

—Jill Redding


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