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Invitation to participate in the Great British Beer Festival

The Brewers Association's Export Development Program for the second consecutive year is planning to participate in the Great British Beer Festival.  As the UK is a market of interest to many EDP members and because the BA itself has strong linkages to the GBBF and to CAMRA, we wanted to pass this opportunity along in the hopes that we could arrange a shipment of samples to the event.  Details of the opportunity are below:

To participate in this event you must be a member of the EDP. If you would like information on joining the EDP, please contact Mark Snyder at

Great British Beer Festival
Date and Location:
August 3-7, 2010, Earls Court, London
Brewers Association Receptions (dates/location TBD)

The BA will be displaying an assortment of US craft beers at no charge in the "USA and Rest of World" section of the show.  In this area, it will be possible to "brand" the space with US craft beer POS, BA posters and other materials.  It will provide excellent exposure for American craft beers in general and, in particular, for brands already in the UK. We encourage breweries to include a box or two of POS as well.

The BA will be listed as the sponsor of the foreign beer section in the main festival program which will give us excellent exposure. This will be a full page ad and article promoting American craft beers with the BA logo and your brewery logo.  We will also have a banner listing on each of the 10 or so foreign beer listing pages.  The BA will also be listed on the GBBF website as an official sponsor with our logo and details on American craft beers.

The Brewers Association will be hosting two American Craft Beer events at the White Horse Pub during the Great British Beer Festival.

1.    American Craft Beer Night at the White Horse
2.    American Craft Beer and Food paired dinner at the White Horse that will target key buyers, decision makers and media.

Volume Needed:
Depending on the number of breweries that participate this would require 4-5 brands per brewery and 4 cases per brand.  We can provide a better estimate of the volume required once we have a confirmed list of participating breweries and brands. We are looking to send 300 cases for the Great British Beer Festival. Please send only full cases per brand as opposed to mixed cases.  We want to emphasize that sending more or less beers is fine.

Please note: The Great British Beer Festival does not currently allow canned beers to participate. If you have brands that you are currently canning you can send these and we will showcase them during the Brewers Association receptions.

We will need up to 24 kegs (1 to 2 per brewery) to be served at the American Craft Beer White Horse Pub receptions.  Please send 1/6 barrel size kegs with a Sankey fitting.

Date Needed:
We will be shipping the samples by ocean freight; as such the beer would need to be delivered to the BA warehouse in Boulder no later than June 24th. The beers will be transported by boat and this will give the shipment ample time for customs clearance.

Brewers Association warehouse
3240 Prairie Ave, Unit A
Boulder, CO 80301 
Tel: 303-443-7198

The BA will cover the cost of ocean shipment to London and customs clearance for members of the EDP.  Participating breweries will be asked to cover the cost of delivering samples and POS to the BA warehouse.

Please notify Mark Snyder ASAP if you would be interested in participating in this opportunity to display samples at the GBBF.  We have been asked by CAMRA to notify them of the brands that will be sent as soon as we can. Mark Snyder can be reached at 303-447-0816 ext. 137 or by email to
If you plan to participate in person at the GBBF, please notify Mark Snyder.

To participate in the Great British Beer Festival through the Brewers Association Export Development Program, you must be a current subscriber at the time of the event.  If you are not currently a subscriber to the BA Export Development Program, contact Mark Snyder today.  Renewals for the Brewers Association Export Development Program are due June 30th - the renewal letter and invoice will go out via email the first week in June.


Mark Snyder
Export Development Program Manager
Brewers Association
Tel: 303-447-0816, ext 137


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