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Great British Beer Festival Invite / BA Export Development Program

Note Deadline in the email:
Beers to Brewers Association warehouse: TUESDAY, June 19th

The Brewers Association's Export Development Program for the fourth consecutive year is planning to participate in the Great British Beer Festival.  The UK is the largest market for our EDP members. 

Great British Beer Festival
Date and Location:
August 7-11, 2012, Olympia London

The BA will be displaying an assortment of US craft beers in the "Bières Sans Frontières – USA and Rest of World" section of the festival.  The space will be "branded" with US craft beer POS, BA posters, beer mats, etc. It will provide excellent exposure for American craft beers in general and, in particular, for brands already in the UK. We encourage breweries to include some marketing items with the beers you are sending. 

Brewers Association American Craft Beer Ambassador Andreas Fält will be representing the BA.  Andreas will also be conducting two master beer classes on American craft beer during the trade session at the GBBF.

The Brewers Association will be participating in outside events during the Great British Beer Festival.  At this time an American craft beer brunch, an American craft beer paired dinner, and an event with the British Guild of Beer Writers (200-250 beer writers in attendance) are being scheduled.  Details on these outside events will be sent when confirmed. 

Volume Needed:
Please send 3 brands per brewery and 5 cases per brand of bottle beers.  Please send your flagship brand and also include a seasonal/1-off, which will help to promote the quality and diversity of American craft beers.  Please send only full cases per brand as opposed to mixed cases.

Please note: The Great British Beer Festival does not currently allow can beers to participate in the festival.  The Brewers Association is planning outside events, where can beers from our members will be show cased. If you plan to send can beers for the American craft beers events, please send 2 cases total of can beers you plan to send – full cases only.

INFO Needed:
On your beer list that you send me, please include:
•    Brand name
•    ABV%
•    Bottle/can size
•    Case quantity

Date Needed:
We will be shipping the samples by ocean freight in a refrigerated container; as such the beer would need to be delivered to the BA warehouse in Boulder no later than Friday June 15th. This will give the shipment ample time to reach the consolidation point on the East Coast.

The BA will cover the cost of shipment to London and customs clearance.  Participating breweries will be asked to cover the cost of delivering samples and POS to the BA warehouse.

Please notify Mark Snyder ASAP if you would be interested in participating in this opportunity to display samples at the GBBF.  We have been asked by CAMRA to notify them of the brands that will be sent as soon as we can. Mark Snyder can be reached directly at 720-473-7673 or by email to
If you plan to participate in person at the GBBF, please notify Mark Snyder.

To participate in the Great British Beer Festival through the Brewers Association Export Development Program, you must be a current EDP member at the time of the event.  Contact Mark Snyder to join.


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